About The Quarter Life Struggle

Your twenties is arguably the most exciting time of your life. That’s what everyone tells us. But what most people fail to mention is how difficult your twenties will also likely be.

The Quarter Life Struggle launched in November 2016 as a lifestyle & personal finance blog aimed at helping twenty-somethings who are struggling to “figure it out” in all aspect of their lives.

When it comes to our relationships, finances, or simply how to improve one’s lifestyle, the struggle is real. As such, The Quarter Life Struggle provides a resource where young adults can not only ask questions, but also:

1. Get smart with their money

2. Learn about ways to live a rich and fulfilling life

3. Connect with other like-minded individuals stuck in the same boat

About The Founder

Hi, my name is Bernie Liew and I’m a full-time financial analyst / part-time blogger living in Atlanta, GA. I graduated from The University of Georgia (go Dawgs!) in 2016 with a background in Finance and have always been super interested in using what I know and am passionate about to help others. Not long after stepping into the real world, I realized that many of my friends were struggling with a lot of the same problems I struggle with. Inspired from that thought, I decided to start my blog in order to share my own perspective and advice in hopes that it would help benefit others living in their twenties too.

Outside of work or writing for my blog, you will likely find me

  • Learning songs on the piano by ear
  • Dancing like it’s no one’s business
  • Reading other lifestyle/finance blogs
  • Practicing foreign languages
  • Watching all kinds of things on YouTube